I love to spend my much coveted ‘me’ time at my village Budhana in Uttar Pradesh. Whenever I get an opportunity to detox myself from work, I prefer to relive my childhood in the slow-paced life of my village. If it wouldn’t have been for acting, I surely would have been plowing the fields. I have spent 22 years of my life farming as it happens to be our ancestral profession. Farming gives me peace and pleasure. It weans me off from the hustle bustle of the city life. Whenever I am traveling around the globe, I make sure if there is something new in farming that I can learn, I give enough time to it.

At 2016, Cannes Film Festival, I got to know about a Cost-Effective Farming Technique being practiced in France called “Centre Pivot Irrigation” which makes farming less laborious and consumes less water and power. I feel in our country where farmers have to face the water crisis, this technique can be quite useful and can help save water.


I owe to the land where I was born and I feel how much ever I do for the village and its people, it is less. Nevertheless, I keep on striving to the best of my capabilities and try to increase the standard of living and education for the people of my village. I want to make quality education accessible to every child of my village and to accomplish this mission, I have set up “Nawab Education Evam Samaaj Seva Sanstha”, a Non-Profit Organisation dedicated in the loving memory of my late father. The NGO will cater to providing higher education to girl students by setting up a Degree College.


I have seen how my village people have to travel long distances to obtain quality healthcare services. During the times of pain and suffering, this travel greatly aggravated the discomfort of the disease. Through my NGO, I am working towards establishing a Medical Center in my village for the needy, underprivileged and old age people.